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What is Quick Nurse?

Lymphatic Care now has the capacity for general nursing care. Our mission is to have short visits of 30 mins with our nurses, and charge according to the time spent with you. Reach out via email or call us for more information.

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Stoma Cares

We are trained to look after the are 3 types of stomas

  • Colostomy: from the large bowels
  • Ileostomy: from the small bowel
  • Urostomy: urinary stoma


Do you require diabetes monitoring, assist with medication? We can liaise with GP and other allied professionals.


Feeling unsafe while showering? Needing a nurse to assist with dressing? Our nurses can help with either physical support, or just be there for you.


Have you been advised to monitor your blood pressure or your pulse? We are available to help with a full health check by monitoring your vitals.

Garment Application

Hard to apply your garments? Having difficulty removing your garments? We can help with your application of garments.

Fat Loss


Needing a report to your GP for general updates, NDIS renewal plan, or to your Case Coordinator regarding cares, we can help you.

Continence Assessments

Are you requiring assistance with your incontinence and need an assessment for help. We can help you.

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