Pregnancy Oedema

During pregnancy, additional fluid can build up in the body. The pressure inside the uterus can cause swelling in the feet and ankles, known as oedema. This pressure on the uterus may slightly block the veins that return blood from the legs to the heart. Over the duration of the pregnancy, the swelling can increase incrementally, particularly in the final trimester. It is more prominent towards the end of each day and especially during the warmer seasons.

The fluid retention, though may seem concerning, is actually a standard development of pregnancy. Bodily fluids and blood volumes can increase by 50% to soften the body for the baby’s needs. The extra fluid allows the body to stretch and accommodate for the growth of the baby, making the delivery an easier process on the pelvic joints.

The swelling can be uncomfortable, making shoes seem impossible to put on. The best treatment would be to seek manual lymphatic drainage or pump treatment as the oedema can affect day to day life.


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