Men’s Health with Oedema
We look at this photo and we think, “No way, is this Real?”. Then we sympathise how painful this would be, living day in and day out with this oedema. Most medical fields give fluid tablets and then fob clients off. This then leaves patients falling through the cracks of the health system, or not knowing who can assist. We ask, how does this impacted them in their social settings, his personal life, and most of all his mental health.
Here we have a few facts that could be the reason behind such a uncomfortable genitalia oedema:
– Groin lymph nodes are blocked which, without treatment and having no education can become more uncomfortable.
– A blunt trauma which could take some time to recover
– Infection can cause fluid to build up around the testicle, causing painful swelling.
– Testicle twist which needs urgent review by GP or present in your local hospital, this is a painful outcome.
– Oedema can build up the legs. This results in having very heavy legs, which then will have fluid loaded to the testicles.
– Heat causes friction and rashes with oedema
– A cyst which is also advised to see GP
What is the best action plan for the interim?
– All concerns must be reviewed by GP for at least a follow up appointment
– Loose clothing
– Place a towel between legs to elevate and minimise pain
– Icepacks can also assist with oedema
How can Lymphatic Care help you?
– Bandaging the area will not reduce swelling, we would need to review to find the source of swelling.
– We have a range other treatment options which is on our website www.lymphaticcare@org
– Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) with this case scenario, we advise to begin a 2-3 weeks treatment, twice weekly. With this treatment we focus on the lymph nodes in the groin. By working in this area, we can have more flow of fluid and filter to the kidneys. This treatment may differ slightly if your nodes have been removed, we then need drain to another area.
– Air Compression pump would be our second options as we need to focus on the groin nodes first, then the pump can commence.
We have programs available. Our most popular 6 week program would be perfect with his type of oedema. Being Registered Nurses, we can liaise with your GP and send him updates of progress. We educate and encourage client to drain groin nodes when showering. The heat will encourage the area and will help stimulate groin for a better flow, drainage and outcome.
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