How does swelling happen?

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The lymphatic system main function is to transport fluid that contain white blood cells that fight infections throughout the body.

Lymphatic system is made up of chains or groups of lymph nodes along lymphatic vessels. These nodes include –

  • Cervical Region,
  • Axillary Region,
  • Supratrochlear Region,
  • Inguinal Region,
  • Pelvic Cavity,
  • Abdominal Cavity, and
  • Thoracic Cavity.

If any of these nodes become blocked, swelling of the lower limbs will occur. This then can lead to the following –

  • Infections (cellulitis),
  • swelling (oedema),
  • wounds (ulcers)

Lymphatic Care can help with the unblocking of the nodes and minimizing the swelling. This in turn would monitor swelling, discuss wound cares and liaise with GP if there are infections if required.

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