Facial Drainage

The lymphatic system drains fluid from the body and removes the excess waste and toxins into kidneys to be filtered through kidneys. When there is any kind of obstruction, fluid can build up. Lymphatic drainage can help to reduce swelling after surgeries, such as liposuction, face lifts, wisdom teeth removal and sinus build-up. If left unmanaged, it can develop into lymphoedema or infections, which is known to pool in the head and neck region where the highest concentrated number of lymph nodes are stored.

A lymphatic facial drainage has been proven to benefit signs of fatigue and prevent skin aging. It can also desensitise and purify the skin, and reduce puffiness, dryness and acne. The aging process, coupled with sun damage, can deteriorate lymphatic vessels resulting in a weak lymphatic system. These issues can be resolved by simple lymphatic stimulation as it helps the body’s incentive to begin a healing process.

Recently, facial lymphatic drainage has started to become a beauty regimen for many who want to fight against puffy and dull complexions. Some say that it could even be classified as a nonsurgical facelift!

Hay fever and sinus build-up can happen each change of season. With facial drainage, these sinuses can be drained and breathing becomes a lot easier. If you have an Apnoea Machine, at times your sinuses can flare up. This treatment can help manage this symptom.




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