Stage 2 Lympheodema

Stage 2



Discussion on Stage 2 of lymphoedema. This is where the swelling becomes more noticeable. The pooling of fluid in the lower limbs. At this stage leakage and signs for breakdown of the skin integrity can happen. Ulcers can form and become difficult to treat when there is a build up of fluid. If having a diagnosis of diabetes, this also becomes difficult to heal.




We recommend to discuss with GP. Heart disease will need referral from GP for treatment. Once cleared, we have a number of treatments we can offer. Being the warmer weather, most don’t like the compression stockings. There are other options to trial if this is the case.




Treatment plans for this stage is approximately 6 weeks for twice a week. Once the limbs return to their normal shape, a compression garment is suggested to maintain the limbs. Our Nurses from Lymphatic Care can assist with your oedema and wound cares if there are wounds to be treated.


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